Bulldog Movers Core Values and Credentials

We want you, our client, to have complete confidence in who you are trusting with your most valuable belongings or with your corporate move. We believe that if you know us and if we provide the critical information you need to validate that we are licensed and insured, then there will never be a time when you will not choose us as your mover of choice. The information on this page will, hopefully, give you that level of certainty to know that we are your best choice for moving specialists whether you are moving your residence or business in-state or out of state.

About Bulldog Movers, Inc.

Bulldog Movers has been moving Atlanta homes and businesses since 1982. We are a full-service, Atlanta based, insured and licensed relocation services provider. We specialize in the provision of household and commercial office relocations of all sizes. We handle both interstate (state to state) and intrastate (in-state) moves. In the 40+ years that we have been in business we have successfully completed over 200,000 relocations. Through these experiences we have truly become experts in our industry.

At the core of everything we have learned is this: a move is a partnership. Without a partnership between the mover and the client, the move will not go as smoothly as it could. At the core of a partnership is communication. Expectations have to be understood, both the clients and the movers. We want to make sure that you know what will
happen during the moving process so that you will feel comfortable on moving day. It is also critical that you tell us what your expectations are. Communicating expectations ensures that on move day there are little to no unexpected events that can put the move off track.

Moving times are windows and there may be times when we are not at your move when we originally expected. This can occur from a prior move running over time, problems with traffic, or other such unforeseen reasons. We will communicate that with you so that we can all continue to work towards your successful move. We do ask that you understand that these events are sometimes out of our hands and we will continue to strive for your happiness during the moving process.

Communicating with you, keeping our promises, and delivering excellent service continue to be our goals as we work together to carefully transport your belongings to your new location. Call on us if there are things that you need or if you have questions that need to be answered. Our staff is committed to you. We hope that you will find your experience with Bulldog Movers, Inc a pleasant one.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the guiding light, the beacon by which we navigate our company every day. These core values may seem simple to some, however; we have found that if we do these simple things every day our clients are happy. Our actions, our words, and how we keep our promises are the defining measure by which we are judged.


Attaining the trust and confidence of our customers has been, and will continue to be of paramount importance to our success.


Pursuant to our objective of delivering a stress-free relocation experience, our trained relocation specialists work in a highly efficient manner to ensure that your relocation is completed within your expected time frame.


Maintaining the integrity of your items – regardless of their value to you – is an imperative for us. To this end, our trained relocation services specialists take precautionary measures to safely handle all of your belongings and assets.


Quality relocation services need not cost an “arm and a leg”. We pay special attention to make sure that the cost of your relocation is as manageable as possible
for you.

Bulldog Movers, Inc. Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence

Over the years we have been recognized for many prestigious awards including winning the Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellece for EIGHT consecutive years (2002-2009). The Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence is awarded by the Consumer’s Choice Institute which has retained a leading independent research firm to
conduct surveys in major U.S. cities. It is unique in North America as the winners are determined by consumers and not by a panel of judges. Consumers are asked to rank companies on Value, Professionalism, and Service. HarrisInteractive a Harris Poll company conducts these interviews with Consumers to ensure that the results are accurate. We have been honored to receive this award from the Governor of Georgia and look forward to continuing our winning streak by ensuring that we treat our consumers better than anyone else could.

Bulldog Movers, Inc. Organizations and Certifications

Now that you know a little about us, we want you to have the confidence in knowing that we are a legally compliant moving company. In that spirit, consult the table below to validate all of our licenses and certifications.

Organization  Information
Georgia DPS

In the state of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Public Safety is in charge of how moving companies are allowed to operate. We proudly adhere to all of the standard
set forth by the GDPS as well as additional standards we hold ourselves accountable to. You can check on Bulldog Movers at the Georgia Department of Public Safety website. Their website is http://www.gamccd.net/householdgoods.aspx.

  1. When you get to their webpage choose the Household Goods link from the main menu.
  2. Then choose the Information Link and select the “List of Licensed Movers” link.
  3. You will see Bulldog Movers listed in the alphabetically sorted list

Click here to see the Georgia PSC Reliability Report for Bulldog Movers, Inc.

US DOT The US Department of Transportation plays a critical role in the life of a moving company. Movers are required to register with the DOT and obtain and USDOT Number. Bulldog Movers USDOT Number is: 1187702. You can click on this link to see information on the USDOT website about Bulldog Movers.
FMCSA The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also plays a vital role. What types of materials a moving company is authorized to move, the current status of their insurance,
the moving companies classification, their safety rating and the status of their insurance. The FMCSA is a critical component for moving companies that are licensed to move consumers belongings across state lines. Click here to see Bulldog Movers information on the FMCSA (SAFER) website.
AMSA The American Moving and Storage Association assigns carrier numbers to moving companies once they have become ProMover certified. Bulldog Movers Carrier Number is: 469637.
Click here to visit the AMSA website and validate our carrier number.
GaMA The Georgia Movers Association is a membership organization requiring movers to adhere to a code of ethics and standards of professionalism. Bulldog Movers is a proud member of this critical organization. Click here to visit the GaMA website and see our membership information. We are also proud to be a GaMA Board member and take pride in working hard to maintain the stringent professional standard required to be a part of this organization.
GDPS You can call the Georgia Department of Public Safety at (404) 624-7241 and verify your movers license. The law requires that movers be licensed by the GDPS and that the movers GDPS Household Goods number is a legitimate one. Bulldog Movers GDPS number is: 6144.
BBB The Better Business Bureau is your key to validating a companies rating. How well we address problems that arise, how fair our business practices are, and overall what kind of company we are is tracked by the BBB. We encourage you to check us out on the BBB website. Click here to search for a Business or Charity on the Atlanta Better Business Bureau website. We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business. Click here to view our BBB Reliability Report. We are proud to have an A+ rating and strive to maintain that rating.
IOMI The International Office Moving Institute provides moving companies across America with training and certification to prepare them to move offices. Moving an office is very different from moving a residence and requires special training. Bulldog Movers is proud to be an IOMI certified mover. Click here to see IOMI certified moving companies by state. Click here to see an article about Bulldog Movers certification.

Bulldog Movers, Inc. Consumer Reviews

We want your reviews! There are several sites where we have our company listed for review and welcome you to read those and leave your own as well. Please always call us if there is a problem before you leave your review. We want a chance to fix anything that you are not satisfied with and then leave your review so that it covers your entire experience with us.

We encourage all customers to read our Google reviews and welcome you to leave your own as well.  Click here to see our Google page.