The Best Local Movers in the Athens, GA, Area

Local Movers Athens GALooking for local movers in the Athens, Georgia, area doesn’t have to be a daunting task – simply turn to the experts at Bulldog Movers. With more than three decades of experience, we have continued to set the precedent for what all moving companies should be: prompt, professional, and highly customer-focused.

While many other local movers in the Athens, GA, area have gone out of business after a few short years, Bulldog Movers continues to outlast and outperform the competition. That is because when it boils down to it, we have set a higher standard for ourselves in all facets of business. For example, we have:

  • Professional movers – Many other local movers hire an applicant based solely on strength, but at Bulldog Movers, we only hire an individual who has passed a thorough background check, boasts years of experience working in the industry, and has a friendly disposition. This ensures that our customers are only working with the best. Plus, unlike other movers who subcontract their moves to a third party, we only hire full-time employees, so you’ll be working with our highly trained crew from beginning to end.
  • Advanced trucks – We have extra-large trucks that are equipped with helpful features such as GPS tracking, which will allow you to locate exactly where your belongings are while they’re in transit.
  • Storage options – We have a highly secure, 130,000-square-foot storage facility available to safely house your extra belongings.

For more information about why our local movers are the best choice in the Athens, GA, area, contact Bulldog Movers today.