Advice for Movers in Atlanta, GA, Who Have Children with Special Needs

Movers Atlanta GA For movers with children who have special needs, the thought of leaving a familiar residence in Atlanta, Georgia, may be stressful and even frightening. However, moving may go more smoothly for parents who heed the following tips.

When moving with a child who has special needs, it’s important for parents to do some research beforehand. Once the new home is purchased, movers should begin searching for schools, doctors, and other facilities that can accommodate children with special needs. Gather the contact information for any places that need to be contacted upon arrival at the new location and make it easy to access – if it’s packed in a box, it may be hard to locate once it’s needed, so keep these lists handy in a purse or briefcase.

Other useful documents that movers should have on hand are copies of their child’s medical and educational records. This way, parents will be able to provide this information for schools or doctors upon arrival in the new neighborhood.

Before leaving Atlanta, GA, movers may want to speak with any special needs counselor that has been working closely with the family. Ask this individual if they have any additional tips to help with the transition or if they have any references to pass along.

Lastly, movers should be sure to have enough prescribed medication and other necessary supplies to last special needs children at least a month. By doing so, families will have more time to get acquainted with the neighborhood, obtain new prescriptions from a doctor, and find the nearest pharmacy.

With these additional responsibilities, your upcoming move may seem even more overwhelming if you choose to pack and move on your own. Instead of doing it yourself, let Bulldog Movers assist your family with moving out of the Atlanta, GA, area and help make the transition easier on you.

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