Local Storage and Delivery

First, we built the best storage facilities to store your things

With over 130,000 square feet of secure local storage space in the heart of Atlanta, we provide short term and long term storage of your valuables. Our storage facility has fire and theft protection systems to ensure your belongings are well protected. We have clean, dry facilities that will give you the piece of mind that comes from knowing that your things are being taken car of.

Then we stocked our local storage facilities with equipment and people so we can deliver VERY fast service

Full big rig loading docks. Crated storage is available also so your entire load can be driven directly into the back of our big trucks. Time is money in this business, so the faster we can get things done for you, the less it will cost you.

Paying a crew to manually unload and reload a truck from a conventional storage warehouse will quickly use up any savings gained from using lower cost storage facilities.

Just pick up the phone when you are ready for delivery. We can do the rest.

Man using dolly to move boxes down ramp of moving truck

Our size and resources mean we can make unplanned adjustments for your local storage needs

Unplanned delays at either end of a move could result in some expensive last minute decisions having to be made. Take advantage of our size. We can provide short term storage facilities with very little advance notice. Need another truck? We have an entire fleet of trucks to choose from.

Family emergencies, legal delays, and well-intentioned friends who never showed up are things we have taken into consideration so you don’t have to. We have an ample number of people, trucks, and storage space to smooth out the bumps in the road that aren’t expected.

Contact Bulldog Movers today to learn more about our local storage options in Atlanta, GA.