Apartment Moving Professionals Providing Alpharetta, GA, Residents with a Pre-Move Checklist

At Bulldog Movers, we are proud to offer apartment moving services throughout Alpharetta, Georgia, and surrounding areas. We’ll gladly take some of the stress of moving away for you when moving so that you can stay focused on what is important to you while the professionals handle the rest.

Apartment Moving Alpharetta

Before moving to a new apartment in Alpharetta, here are some questions to ask yourself prior to the move:

  • Do you have both the keys to your old apartment and your new apartment easily accessible?
  • Have you checked your old apartment to ensure that you won’t be leaving anything behind?
  • Have you arranged for the electricity to be turned off at your old apartment and on at your new apartment?
  • Do you have everything packed and ready to be moved?
  • Do you know how your pets (if you have them) will be taken care of during your move?
  • Have you forwarded your mailing address to your new apartment?
  • Is your phone fully charged?
  • Do you have a full tank of gas in your automobile?

If you happen to need some storage space when moving into a new apartment in Alpharetta, there’s no reason to turn to any other moving companies than Bulldog. We have a 130,000 square-foot-facility in nearby Atlanta that can accommodate how much, or how little, you need to have stored.

For additional information about the Alpharetta, GA, apartment moving services offered by Bulldog, or to request a quote, please call or e-mail us today.