Common Terms Used by Moving Companies in the Powder Springs, GA, Area

Moving Companies Powder Springs GAAlthough all moving companies are different, they generally use the same terms when talking about their services and formulating their contracts. So, before you begin relocating to or from the Powder Springs, Georgia, area, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the phrases and terms that will be used throughout the process, so you can get the best rates and avoid confusion on moving day.

Here are some common terms used by moving companies that will help you be prepared for your upcoming relocation to or from the Powder Springs, GA, area:

  • Bill of Lading – This is the most important document you’ll receive, as it is the contract between you and the moving company for the transportation of all of your personal items. Be sure to read over this carefully before you sign, and ask questions if you’re unclear about any of the material.
  • Tariff – If you’re moving to another state, moving companies are required to publish a moving tariff, which lists all of the information you need to know about their fees, regulations, and any potential charges that may occur during the moving process.
  • Short-Haul Move – If you’re relocating less than 450 miles from your old home, your move is considered a short-haul move.
  • Full-Service Move – The most common type of relocation where moving companies need to transport your personal property from one home to another.
  • Binding/Non-Binding Estimates – Binding estimates are a flat price for the job after an onsite estimate has been completed. A non-binding estimate is usually an amount the company quotes without going to the property, and is susceptible to change once the job is completed.

There are many moving companies out there, but if you’re looking for one that will help you understand your contract clearly and precisely, as well as provide you with the most honest and upfront moving quote, consider Bulldog Movers. We proudly serve residents of Powder Springs, GA, and the surrounding areas.