Understanding Estimates from Moving Companies in the Norcross, GA, Area

Moving Companies Norcross GAComparing estimates from moving companies in the Norcross, Georgia, area can be confusing, but knowing what to look for is an extremely critical part of the moving process. Oftentimes, finding a good mover comes down to doing your homework and understanding everything involved in your moving estimate before making a final decision. Below are some of the essentials you should keep in mind when reading quotes from moving companies that will help you decide which mover is right for your relocation to, from, or within Norcross, GA

  • Non-binding and binding estimates – Moving companies come to their final estimate costs differently in the form of either binding or non-binding estimates. If a rate is based upon pre-estimated weight – how much the mover thinks your household items weigh – then that is a non-binding estimate. If the mover bases their rate on a binding estimate, then the amount quoted is firmly the amount you pay. These both differ from a not-to-exceed estimate, which means the final cost of your move will not go over the amount the movers quoted.
  • Distance – Distance is the main factor moving companies use to determine how much a move will cost. Ask the mover how much they charge per mile and remember that these costs are on top of the weight cost. When looking at weight cost, it is beneficial to find out upfront how much a mover charges per pound and factor in the distance to see where you are getting the better deal.
  • Extra Fees – Moving companies charge extra for services that require special handling, such as moving a piano or having to climb a flight of stairs. Before determining what mover you will choose, first find out which services you require and what service fees you can avoid.

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