How to Conduct a Household Inventory

One good thing about moving is that you have a golden opportunity to get a current Household Inventory together. This inventory serves many purposes including assisting you in checking to ensure that all of your belongings arrive at the new location.

  1. Get all of your critical documents together and have copies made. Pack the copies to arrive at your new location and keep all originals with you on move day. Critical documents are things like:
    1. Birth Certificates
    2. Marriage Licenses
    3. Social Security Cards
    4. Wills
    5. Insurance Policies
    6. Deeds
    7. Titles
    8. Stock Certificates
    9. Bonds
  2. Make a record of your belongings. You can do this with a video camera, a digital camera, or a regular camera. You should also make an audio inventory of your belongings. If a camera is not available to you or if you are not able to make an audio recording, make a good list.
    1. Record how much you paid for an item (when possible include the receipts of purchase) and where it was purchased.
    2. Record the serial numbers and brand names for any electronics.
    3. Record any distinct features regarding the items being recorded.
    4. Record when the item was purchased.
  3. Record expensive pieces of clothing, kitchen items, tools, and anything else of value.
  4. When complete, make copies of your inventory and give copies to your insurance agent. This inventory can be used in the event of a fire or other disaster. Serial numbers, values, where they were purchased, and photos of said items can help you in the event of a recovery need.
  5. Make a copy and give it to a friend or relative in case you loose the original. You should keep the original copy with you on moving day.