The internet can have an overwhelming amount of information regarding moving. We have tried to take what is best about the information offered and put it together for you here on our website. There are some helpful sites on the internet that we thought you may also like to have access to. It is important to educate yourself, but we will caution you that there is an overwhelming number of internet links that will be returned if your Google Moving Information. You can not possibly read everything out there. Use the information we have compiled for you on Bulldog Movers and use the internet to search for answers that you have not gotten. Please also be aware that each state has different requirements and not everything you read online will apply to your state. has a lot of good moving do’s and dont’s. They have done a good job of breaking
down the information into in state moves as well as out of state moves. They have information for both business and residential moves. The people that write the articles will often refer to their own experiences and discuss their lessons learned. is another source of ‘How To’ information. The writers of the articles are on track with their tips and warnings. They have different articles covering different types of moves. has done a really good job of offering advice and tips for the different
parts of the moving process. They have information for the do-it-youself mover all the way to International moves and Auto Transportation.

Atlanta Better Business Bureau is a very important resource for your investigations into moving companies. Additionally, they have good information on the site about what you should ask a moving company and the way the moving industry works in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Public Service Commission is a critical resource for moving assistance.
The website has both information resources along with a list of legal moving companies and another list of known illegal moving companies. ALWAYS research your moving company first. If they can not provide you with their license numbers for investigation, do not allow them to touch your belongings!

Clark Howard has put together a list of Consumer ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that we
feel encapsulates the best of what we have also tried to assist you with understanding. offers tips and information for moving your office or business. Additionally, they have a listing of all of the International Office Moving certified movers (*of which Bulldog Movers, Inc. is your Atlanta certified mover).