Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Movers in the Cartersville, GA, Area

Movers Cartersville GAHiring movers you can count on in the Cartersville, Georgia, area can be a challenge if you don’t approach the task well prepared. Some movers attempt to entice customers by quoting an unrealistically low price, only to jack up the cost with hidden fees on moving day. Other moving companies hire inexperienced employees that aren’t prepared to handle your move in a professional and efficient manner.

You can avoid these pitfalls by knowing the common mistakes that residents of Cartersville, GA, make when hiring movers, which include:

  • Waiting until last minute – Movers charge a lot more for last minute services compared to those that have been booked well in advance, and will often leave you with inconvenient pick-up or delivery times and incompetent service. Make sure to hire a moving company as soon as possible to avoid these issues.
  • Not asking enough questions – Interviewing your movers is crucial for figuring out how credible they are. Ask about company history, insurance, available equipment, payment methods, and anything else you can gather to determine whether you’ll be working with an honest, competent, and insured company.
  • Going for the lowest estimate – If you receive an estimate that is more than 25% cheaper than the rest, it could be a red flag. Rogue movers often try to lure customers in with a low cost only to take your deposit and raise the price with hidden fees on moving day. Ask about all hidden costs and make sure your quote is as comprehensive as possible.
  • Getting just a single estimate – Moving companies differ greatly from each other in terms of costs, quality, and credibility, so get several quotes before narrowing your choices down to about three or four of the best prospects.
  • Not reading the paperwork – Read the required paperwork carefully, and pay special attention to the fine print, as it may contain relevant information and special conditions. Also, double check the inventory sheet to confirm all of your items are listed and match up with their description.

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