Bulldog Movers – The Movers Atlanta Residents Count on for More Than just Relocation Services

Bulldog Movers helps Atlanta residents in more ways than just our relocation services. Our Atlanta movers are also here to offer advice on things you can do ahead of time. Before your move, there are steps you can take to help the relocation process go more smoothly and ease things for both you and the movers you choose.

One thing our movers in Atlanta recommend that you consider when moving is to have your address forwarded ahead of time. When forwarding your address, you’ll want to make it a point to alert the following entities and individuals that you will be moving:

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  • Your bank
  • Your employer
  • Magazines and newspapers to which you subscribe
  • The USPS
  • Friends and family members
  • Your insurance company or companies
  • Your utility company
  • Your cable and Internet provider

Also, once you have moved, you will need to have your driver’s license updated within two weeks. This allows you to also update your new address with the Department of Motor Vehicles. And, if you are moving out of the Peach State, you will also need to acquire a new license plate in your new state of residence.

If you’d like to find out more about our Atlanta movers, or if you’d like to learn additional moving tips and thing to consider when moving, please call or email Bulldog today. We’ll be glad to explain more about our services and answer all questions you have for us.