Professional Movers in Atlanta, GA Offer Suggestions for Relocating Senior Citizens

Relocation Moving Services For Seniors in AtlantaAt Bulldog Movers, we understand that relocating can be stressful on anyone, but if not handled properly, it can be especially difficult on senior citizens. Often, senior movers in and around Atlanta, Georgia, are faced with the daunting task of reducing a lifetime of memories into a few boxes, especially if they are moving from their home of many years into a smaller living space. Cherished mementos represent long-held memories and affections, and the thought of leaving them behind can be upsetting for some. How do you choose which items to keep, when so many hold such emotional significance?

Downsizing for senior movers is more of an art than a science. However, here are a few tips to help the process along:

  • Don’t rush – Start the process early. Each item or picture can trigger a flood of memories for senior movers. Give yourself or your loved one time to work through those memories before moving on. Start with personal papers and photographs – these can sometimes trigger the most powerful memories.
  • Donate, donate, donate – Many senior movers feel better about getting rid of things if they can give them to help others in need. Check with your local thrift store about what they will take for donations and whether they will pick them up.
  • Be comfortable – For seniors, sitting on the floor or bed while sorting through their belongings can be awkward, potentially adding to the stress of the situation. Setting up a sturdy table near a favorite sitting spot can make the process go more smoothly.

Bulldog Movers is happy to help seniors transition into their new living environment in and around Atlanta, GA. Our moving company even has dedicated staff members who specialize in senior relocations, and can work with you to ensure all goes as planned during the move. Call us today for more ideas, and to discover the many ways we serve senior movers.