Before Hiring a Moving Company in Atlanta, GA, Think About Downsizing

Moving Company Atlanta GAWhen hiring a moving company to relocate to or from Atlanta, Georgia, it’s important to remember that most companies will charge their fee, at least in part, based on the weight of the load they transport. That’s one reason why it’s important to get rid of unwanted or unneeded items in advance of your move. But sometimes, downsizing is mandatory, like when you’re moving from a family home into an apartment, condo, or senior living facility. As difficult as it may be to part with possessions accumulated over the years, doing so before the moving company arrives will almost certainly save you big bucks.

A good place to start is clothing. Most of us have a portion of our wardrobe that just doesn’t fit any longer or is out of style. There are many thrift shops in and around Atlanta that would gladly receive your donated shirts, pants, sports coats, dresses, and so on. Knowing they will help someone in need can often ease the emotions involved with parting with them.

Next, consider each and every piece of furniture you own. If your current home is designed to accommodate dinner parties, but you don’t anticipate hosting such events in the future, there’s likely plenty of furniture to donate or sell. The moving company you hire may be able to help you find auctioneers or estate sales specialists who can help you price and sell your unneeded furniture.

When you hire Bulldog Movers to be your Atlanta, GA, moving company, we can help you find other strategies for downsizing your home. Contact us today, and discover why we have been the professional movers of choice above other moving companies for Atlanta residents since 1982.