Office Management

managepixPlanning Your Move
Once you contact us, we will expediently implement a process through which a thorough and expert assessment of your relocation needs will be made.

When undertaking a thorough survey of your imminent office relocation, our seasoned relocation services professionals will identify and discuss your relocation’s unique scope of work requirements. Bulldog Movers recognizes that relocating a company—regardless of its size—requires intensive planning and attention to detail to ensure a seamless relocation.

Customizing Your Move
Each move is unique. Recognizing this reality, Bulldog Movers is able to offer a fully integrated and customized relocation services solution.

We provide comprehensive relocation services to adapt to a wide variety of distinctive customer relocation requirements. We are fully flexible in our response to our client’s needs and we are thus capable of adjusting the focus of our operations accordingly.

Managing Your Move
Not only does Bulldog Movers relocate employees and office assets, we can serve as a client’s in-house relocation project management team.

All office relocation projects should be accomplished without interrupting employee productivity. With this in mind, Bulldog Movers manages the entire relocation project life-cycle in an accurate, efficient and expedient manner. No matter how large or small a relocation project is, Bulldog Movers can help you manage:

  • Space planning
  • Onsite project supervision
  • Detailed relocation plan
  • Complete coordination of equipment and modular furnishings