How Should I Prepare for a Move with a Professional Moving Company?

How Should I Prepare for a Move with a Professional Moving Company?So, you’ve hired your moving company and set a moving date – now what? Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you’re prepared before your movers arrive:


A few weeks before your moving date, commit to tackling one cleaning project per week. For instance, you can clean out your drawers one week, and your closets the next. Cleaning will not only lighten the load for your movers, but help you save on packing materials and labor costs.

Purchase Packing Supplies

Unless you are purchasing packing supplies directly from your moving company, you will need to be prepared with boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap before moving day.

Label Your Boxes

If you are packing your boxes yourself, be sure to label them clearly with the name of the room in your new home that the box belongs in. This not only makes things easy for your movers, but also makes the unpacking process easier for you.

Plan for Your Pets & Children

With a crew of movers in your home, it may be difficult to keep small children and pets out of the way. Consider hiring a babysitter for your children and utilizing crates for any pets. This will ensure their safety and your sanity!

Have Cash on Hand for Tipping

While you do not have to tip your movers, it is an excellent way to show your appreciation for a job well done. Before your movers arrive, have cash on hand and tip them based on the level of service provided and the satisfaction you’ve received.

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