Moving Your Home

When the big red truck rolls in, your neighbors will know you are moving on up. Only you will know you got the best deal in Atlanta. We have a full array of supplies and services you can mix and match to meet your budget and time goals. The information below will help to answer questions you may have about your move. Call your Bulldog expert now; save by choosing the very best.

Are you packing or do you want us to?

We offer full service packing of your home and delivery of everything directly to the correct room in your new home. If you plan on packing all or part of your home yourself, we have prepared a comprehensive set of moving tips that will save you time and money. The Moving Estimator tool on this website will provide your Bulldog expert with the information they need to estimate the correct number of boxes and sizes that will be needed. Remember, order your boxes now so you can take your time packing things up.

What factors will determine the cost of my move?

Time is the most significant factor in estimating a move. We have the information necessary to really tighten up an estimate if we have an accurate inventory. For large moves or moves that include full service packing, you can schedule an on-site survey through your Bulldog expert. Our Moving Estimator tool lets you quickly click off the items to be moved and calculates the weight and cubic area of the items. Your Move Summary report will use this information to determine the number of trucks that will be needed and the amount of storage space that will be required if the items need to be stored for a period of time before delivery to your new home.