How to Tip Local Movers for Your Upcoming Relocation to or From Fair Oaks, GA & Beyond

Local Movers Fair Oaks GAIf you’ve hired local movers for your upcoming relocation to or from the Fair Oaks, Georgia, area, you may be wondering about the best etiquette for tipping them. Since they’ll be entrusted with your most precious possessions, as well as be responsible for all the heavy lifting, you might feel compelled to reward them for a job well done. As with any individual providing a service, you should tip them based on job performance, so if your local movers are professional, efficient, and helpful, there are measures you can take to show them your appreciation:

  • Buy them lunch. If you prefer to buy them food in lieu of a tip (or in addition to one), make sure you ask them what their preference is, and have plenty of ice cold refreshments on hand. Moving is physically laborious work, so bottled water, soda, or sports drinks will be greatly appreciated by your local movers.
  • Consider the amount of hours your local movers worked to calculate tip amount. If the crew worked a half-day (about 4 hours) then $10 a person is considered fair. If they’ve worked 8 hours or more that would be considered a full day’s work, so $20-$40 would be appropriate. Also, consider adding to the amount if there was a lot of heavy furniture, hard to navigate areas, or any other important factors.
  • Give each crew member their tip separately. Don’t give one collective sum to the foreman or driver, but rather give each person their tip individually. It shows appreciation for their efforts and ensures the money is allocated properly.

If you haven’t hired local movers yet for your relocation, turn to the professionals at Bulldog Movers. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will go above and beyond to ensure your move is completed smoothly and efficiently, so contact us today for a free estimate. We proudly serve residents of Fair Oaks, GA, and beyond.