Packing your items appropriately is essential to the success of your relocation. In the event that you prefer to do your own packing, feel free to refer to our packing suggestions listed below.

Art and Collectibles
Utilize aluminum corners and wrap each of your pieces with bubble wrap. On the bottom of an appropriately sized box, utilize bubble wrap of crumpled wrapping paper. Remember to label the box “Fragile”.

Kitchen Utensils
Use bubble wrap and wrapping paper to wrap all breakable items in. Furthermore, place layers of bubble wrap between each plate or bowl. Make sure that you place heavier items on the bottom of box and fill the top of the box with crumpled wrapping paper. Label the box: “Fragile”.

We recommend that small appliances are wrapped in wrapping paper (hotlink to wrapping paper in materials list). For large appliances, we recommend that you check your owner’s manual for special instructions. Tape the bottom of the box (hotlink to box in materials list) securely.

Since books are heavy items, please use small boxes to pack them into.

We highly recommend that you use wardrobe boxes to pack your clothing. With such boxes, you can simply move your clothing on hangers straight into these wardrobe boxes. We would recommend suitcases or boxes to store clothing that you ordinarily keep in drawers.

To the extent that you dismantle your furniture, please make sure that you safely store all screws etc securely in a plastic bag. If necessary, tape all drawers shut and wrap furniture in pads.

Mirrors and Framed Art
For mirrors and paintings framed in glass, tape an “X” with masking tape across them. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and place them in appropriate boxes. Label the boxe(s): “Fragile”.

If you have the original boxes for such equipment, by all means, please use those to pack your electronics items. Alternatively, you may wrap all such items using bubble wrap and place them securely into ordinary cardboard boxes.