How To Pack Fragile Items for a Safe Move


Packing Fragile Items for a Move

Packaging fragile items for moving requires careful attention to detail and proper technique, whether you’re moving antique furniture, glassware, priceless heirlooms, or valuable artwork. The team at Bulldog Movers understands how to keep delicate belongings secure during a move, which is why we’ve created a guide on how to pack fragile items for a safe move.

Use High-Quality Packing Materials

To ensure you’re safely packing your delicate items, get the best packing materials possible, including sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Using high-quality packing materials provides cushioning for fragile items so they get to your new home safe and sound.

Investing in specialty boxes designed specifically for moving fine artwork, electronics, or priceless valuables may also be beneficial. Specialty boxes are generally reinforced and come with extra padding to safeguard your belongings during transit.

Mark Your Boxes Clearly

Label boxes as “fragile” to guarantee your moving company handles them with care and knows where to place them on the truck to minimize the risk of damage. Let your movers know about your fragile items ahead of time and give them instructions on how to handle these belongings.

Pack Items Individually

Breakable items, especially those with handles and spouts, can become damaged when they bump into each other during transit. To avoid this issue, line each box with bubble wrap or packing paper and wrap each item individually for extra cushioning.

How To Pack Glassware for Moving

To protect glassware and plates, create individual compartments using cardboard inserts or dividers within boxes. Make sure to wrap each piece individually and stack plates vertically in each compartment. Fill any empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap to protect your valuables from impact and prevent them from shifting.

Load Heavy Boxes First

Distribute weight evenly by placing heavier boxes on the bottom when loading your fragile items into the moving truck. By putting lighter boxes on top, you lower the likelihood of fragile items being crushed under the weight of heavy boxes.

Turn to Professional Packers for Peace of Mind

Consider hiring professional packers if you want extra help safeguarding your delicate possessions during a move. These experts have extensive knowledge of specific packing techniques and employ best practices for packing fragile items.

Reach Out to Our Expert Packers & Movers

If you need help moving your delicate belongings to your new space, turn to Bulldog Movers. We’re a reliable moving company offering packing, moving, transport, and storage solutions in the Atlanta, GA, area. Our professionals know how to carefully pack and transport the most fragile items and ensure they arrive unscathed at your new home. Contact us to get a quote for your move and learn more about our services! We are also fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and we have earned the Consumers’ Choice Award for nine consecutive years—there’s no better choice than our team.