Leveraging Logistics and Longevity to Deliver Your Best Residential Move

Every residential move has a lot of moving parts to consider. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that have a policy of only telling you what you want to hear so they win the business.

The trouble with that is when Moving Day arrives, suddenly they can’t live up to the unrealistic expectations they outlined in their quote leaving you scrambling or stuck paying more on an already stressful day.

Logistics Help Us Quote Your Job Right the First Time

Logistics Help Us Quote Your Job Right the First Time

The quote for every move should be built off tried and tested logistical factors. When you have an entire house to pack up and move there’s no room for “guesstimates”.

“Part of the estimating process is putting eyeballs on the actual items to be moved and assessing the property itself,” says Glenn Usery of Bulldog Movers. Experience helps him determine the total loading time and the size and experience of the crew that will handle the job.

Glenn also relies on logistical factors to double check his estimates so that customers get an accurate quote of dollars and duration.

What are Logistical Factors?

What are Logistical Factors?

In a residential moving scenario, logistical factors, as defined by the University of Houston, are what goes into:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Executing

the transfer of your belongings. Every logistical factor is considered, and every situation has a multiplier that guides a professional, full service moving company to quote your move accurately.

If you’ve requested quotes from several different moving companies, you’ll see that pricing can vary considerably. Pricing may be your initial decision factor when it comes to hiring, but there’s more to a quote than the bottom line.

The Crew That Moves You

Most moving companies try to meet consumer pricing expectations by artificially reducing labor costs. This means they quote using fewer men than needed to safely and efficiently complete your job.

It also means that your 3-hour move can end up taking 6 hours – and by hour 5 your crew is exhausted and frustrated.

When a moving company uses logistical factors correctly

When a moving company uses logistical factors correctly, it means the right sized crew and all the necessary equipment arrives on your doorstep on moving day.

Quoting the right size crew isn’t just good for customers, it’s good for the crew, too.

“It’s not fair to the men who will be doing the move to underbid labor,” says Glenn. He’s been with Bulldog for over 4 years, and he works with truck crews that have been working for Bulldog for years. In fact, one of the crew captains started at Bulldog in his teens and now he is in his 30’s.

Respecting the crew results in smoother moves and you get captains and crews who get along and enjoy the work they do.

Don’t Hire a Moving Company Without Getting a Quote from Us

Don’t Hire a Moving Company Without Getting a Quote from Us

If the quote you have in hand seems too good to be true, it might be.

Moving is stressful enough without an unpleasant surprise or unexpected additional moving costs popping up. Our professional estimators use time-tested logistical factors we’ve used in our over four decades in this industry.

Our process allows us to quote your job accurately and then, when the big day arrives, your possessions will be moved with care and precision by some of the most experienced crews in the local Atlanta metro area.

Give us a call today at (770) 333-8100 to speak to one of our professional estimators.

As an added bonus, check out our Residential Moving Kit. It includes everything you need to prepare for and execute your move, including packing lists, tips, and tricks.