What to Do the Night Before a Move

a couple packing their belongingsIf you’ve packed up your things, labeled all your boxes clearly, and coordinated with a moving company to deliver everything to your new space, you’re probably feeling confident about your move. But you should take a few more steps the night before moving day. Bulldog Movers has some tips for what to do the night before to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Gather Valuables and Important Records

It’s safest to keep your valuables with you, such as jewelry, irreplaceable pieces of art, or other high-value items. It’s also a good idea to take important documents with you, such as passports, tax documentation, property records, licenses, and other vital legal paperwork. While you may be inclined to pack these documents with everything else, it’s best to have them on hand for peace of mind.

Utilities and Mail Forwarding

Ensure that your insurance, electricity, gas, internet, and other utilities have been canceled or transferred to your new home or office. It’s also advisable to check that your mail forwarding has been processed successfully.

Call Your Moving Company

You don’t want to risk being delayed or rescheduled on your moving day. Call and confirm that your moving company has everything arranged and that they’ll show up on time. After confirming with your moving team, make sure you have a guaranteed spot for their moving truck at your destination. If your new home or business doesn’t have a dedicated driveway or parking space, that may mean contacting your city to obtain permit parking.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Keep some cleaning supplies on hand—don’t pack them away just yet. Clean your space thoroughly the day before moving so you don’t have to worry about it when the trucks arrive. After cleaning and ensuring everything is packed, organized, and ready to go, do a final walkthrough and double-check that nothing is left behind.

Get Your Keys Ready

It’s easy for items to get lost in the shuffle of moving, and the last thing you need is to misplace the keys to your property on the day of your move. Find a safe place for your keys, fobs, and garage door openers so you can quickly return them.

Prepare for the Following Day

If you’re moving to a new home, you’ll need food, clothing, and other essentials once you get there. Pack an overnight bag with toiletries, clothes, towels, electronics, and any medication you need. After you clean your refrigerator out, organize and pack the food you want to eat the following day and have it ready to transfer to your car.

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