With Bulldog Movers Moving an Elderly Parent Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Moving Company Atlanta GAAnytime you have to move, there’s a level of stress involved in the process. But needing to assist your elderly parents with a move from a beloved and familiar place can be even more challenging.

When Meredith L. needed to move her mom from her familiar Woodstock neighborhood to a new residence in Peachtree Corners, Meredith knew exactly the team of professional movers who could be trusted with her elderly mother’s most cherished possessions.

Positive Past Performance Made the Decision to Hire Bulldog Movers Again Easy

“I had worked with Bulldog Movers on a commercial move previously and I was very pleased with the professionalism of their movers,” Meredith said.

When Meredith had previously needed a conscientious local moving company to handle a commercial move, she had turned to the team at Bulldog Movers. It wasn’t an easy move by any standards. The loads were heavy. It was the height of summer in Metro Atlanta. And then there was the compounding issue of the Covid-19 pandemic and needing to follow the prevailing health protocols of the time.

Meredith recalled and appreciated that every step was taken to keep everyone and everything safe and protected from start to finish of the moving process.

Knowing that Bulldog Movers delivered once for her under challenging circumstances, Meredith felt more than confident hiring them for her mother’s residential move to the suburbs of Atlanta.

Beyond boxes and typical furnishings, Bulldog Movers also has teams specializing in white-glove moving of:

When you have a lifetime of unique and valuable possessions, Bulldog Movers has the right staff with the right experience for any type of move.

Moving Day

Bulldog Movers Offers Secure, Onsite Storage Services for Atlanta Metro Communities

As if moving her mother wasn’t already feeling like a potentially complicated process, her mother’s home in Peachtree Corners wouldn’t be available immediately.

This meant her mother had to vacate her current home and she would need a place to securely store her belongings until her new home was ready for move-in.

The experienced team at Bulldog Movers wasn’t fazed by the “unexpected” when it came to residential moving — even in unprecedented times.

The house being not quite ready was no problem. Bulldog Movers could keep her mother’s belongings in their massive temperature-controlled warehouse equipped with the latest security and fire suppression technology.

With Bulldog Movers, Meredith was relieved knowing her mother would have a clean and dry place to store her furnishings for several months.

When they received word that Meredith’s mom’s new house was ready, the Bulldog crew carefully and efficiently packed everything back into a clean, company-owned truck and delivered it to the new house in Peachtree Corners.

Every step of the way, “Bulldog helped alleviate the stress of caring for and managing my mother’s needs during her move,” said Meredith.

Just like with her first move, Meredith enjoyed another positive experience with Bulldog Movers.

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Bulldog Movers Can Get You to Peachtree Corners — Or Anywhere Else You Want to Go

If like Meredith, you’re considering moving an elderly parent to one of Peachtree Corner’s newest senior living communities, Bulldog Movers can help. Just 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta, the newest city in Gwinnett County is thriving. Take in shopping, an open-air concert at the Town Green, or enjoy a contemporary American dinner at Grace1720 or the Latin fare at Mojito’s Cuban American Bistro.

But if your planned move takes you away from the Atlanta Metropolitan region? Bulldog Movers also does long distance relocation across the entire Peach State and even goes beyond our borders to facilitate international moves.

Speak to one of our moving specialists right now by calling 770-648-1508. We’ll be able to assets your needs and give you a quote.