The Cost of Moving to or From Atlanta

Cost of Moving Atlanta GAIf you’re curious about what the cost of moving to or from the Atlanta, Georgia, area is, there are several different factors to consider. Knowing all of the different variables that may affect your total amount is a good way to prepare yourself and your budget so that you’re not surprised when moving day comes.

Of course, opting to hire a mover will increase your cost of moving, but you’ll save quite a bit of time and energy compared to doing it yourself. Here are some of the things that may affect your moving cost to or from the Atlanta, GA, area:

  • Amount of help needed – The amount of assistance you’ll need is the biggest factor that will impact the amount you’ll need to pay for your move. Full-service movers can do all of the packing and unpacking for you, as well as load up the truck and bring everything to your new location. You can also opt to pack everything yourself, then hire movers to do the rest. Companies will often offer moving packages for a less expensive rate, but clarifying the amount of help you need will greatly affect your cost of moving.
  • Amount of stuff you have – The amount of possessions you’re moving directly influences the number of movers you’ll need to hire and the size of the truck you’ll need. For example, moving a studio apartment will cost less than moving a four-bedroom house.
  • Distance you’re moving – The cost of your move also greatly depends on how far you’re traveling. Local moves will be less expensive than moving long-distance, which is defined differently by each moving company.
  • Time of year you’re moving – Many people don’t realize that the time of year you move greatly affects how much it will cost. Rates are often higher in June, July, and August than they are during other months of the year.

If you’re looking for a company to provide you with an accurate cost of moving in the Atlanta, GA, area, consider Bulldog Movers. We can provide you with an honest, upfront, and comprehensive moving quote, so contact us today to schedule a free estimate.