Local Movers Offer Advice for Atlanta, GA, Parents Relocating with Teenagers

Local Movers Atlanta GABulldog Movers knows that local, national, and international relocations can be challenging for people of any age, but such moves are often especially difficult for teenagers. Teens deal with a whole host of social and emotional issues in the face of such transitions, and understanding those issues can help make the process go more smoothly for local movers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Teenagers will likely be leaving friends behind, and can feel isolated as a result of all the changes that often accompany a move. This is especially true during adolescence, when important social bonds are forged. Teens tend to define themselves based on their social groups, so leaving behind those social ties often means, to them, they are literally becoming a “nobody.”

That’s why it’s important for local movers in Atlanta, GA, to take a few simple steps during the relocation process to make teens feel important. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Listen – Teens may not always be communicative, but during a move, they may need to talk. Be willing to listen when they do start to communicate, regardless of the topic. Resist the urge to argue with or correct your teen if he or she asserts something as fact. Instead, use phrases like, “it sounds like you’re saying” to reflect back their statements, so they know they have been heard.
  • Involve – Ask for your teen’s input on various decisions regarding the move, and seek compromise at every turn. Knowing he or she is a valued part of the family will help your teen embrace the transition, rather than fighting it.
  • Celebrate – Other local movers have found it helpful to plan a going away party or some other event as a way of marking the transition. Ask your teen to help plan the event to make it truly meaningful to him or her.

Bulldog Movers is your local moving expert, and has much more advice on how to move teenagers into or out of Atlanta, GA. Contact us today to learn more.