Restoring a Customer’s Faith in the Moving Industry

Smart customers know that professional commercial and residential moving comes at an expense. When it comes to commercial moves, the decision to hire often comes down to price alone.

But the cheapest mover isn’t usually the best mover.

Another Moving Company Fails to Meet a Customer’s Expectations

Kathy King needed to move her office within the Atlanta metropolitan area. She spoke with Glenn Usery of the Bulldog sales team to get a quote.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win her commercial move business. So, Glenn was a little surprised when he heard from Kathy on the day of her office move.

“Kathy told me that the company she hired sent a crew who looked around and then told her there was no way they could finish her move on time,” said Glenn.

Extending her moving date wasn’t an option. And to make matters worse, Kathy felt a little intimidated by the crew when she tried to assert herself.

Kathy was calling in the hopes that Bulldog could save the day by completing the office move.

Our Sales Team Offers a Solution

Our Sales Team Offers a Solution

“Everyone at Bulldog is empowered to help a customer have a great moving experience so I really wanted to help Kathy,” Glenn said, “but for obvious reasons, we couldn’t jump into the middle of this commercial move gone wrong.”

But Glenn knew there was another reason why Kathy was so stressed about the situation unfolding in her office.

She was also planning to move her 4000 sq. ft. house filled with heavy, solid wood furniture and she had hired the same company for her local residential move to Cumming.

Glenn told Kathy that her quote from Bulldog was still good and that the company would be thrilled to handle her upcoming residential move.

Glenn was able to find the next available date to facilitate moving the contents of Kathy’s house.

Knowing that a customer is coming off a bad moving experience might make another company more stressed, but not the team at Bulldog.

“We’re confident in every crew we send out into the field,” said Glenn. “Each man receives standardized training in both customer service and moving best practices.”

Bulldog’s Team of Professional Movers Earns Another 5 Star Review

Bulldog’s Team of Professional Movers Earns Another 5 Star Review

When Kathy’s 5-star Google review popped up, we couldn’t have been more pleased to hear in her own words how well her residential move had gone.

“This was the smoothest, most amazing experience I could ever ask for or expect. Moving is never fun, but the day of my move was so well orchestrated with a team of movers that took care of every piece of my furniture and every wall and floor of my home it made it stress free,” said Kathy.

We often hear from customers that our professional movers come ready to work and that they seem to love what they do. And we’re always glad to hear how team members positively represent the company when they’re working in customer’s homes or offices.

“Part of the deal with Bulldog is that the crew puts each box and piece of furniture exactly where the customer wants it,” said Glenn. “It’s not unusual that they’re asked for their opinion on where to put a piece of furniture,” he shared with a laugh.

Our Entire Team Will Ensure You Experience the Same High-Quality Move

If you’re looking for the best moving experience in the Atlanta metro area, give our sales team a call. Glenn and his colleagues in the department are all trained to ask the right questions so you get the right crew at your door on moving day.

Our aim is to get you where you want to go, on time, and on budget.