What Happens When You Request a Moving Quote?

In order to have the best move possible, it’s important to request a quote from a mover who understands how important providing an accurate quote is and one that uses the most modern techniques and processes to get the job done efficiently while being cost effective.

Here are some insights into the quoting process and why our skilled team of estimators will ask a lot of very important questions.

“Sean Townsend came to my house for the initial estimate and he was very professional and caring.” – Beth Roundtree ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review

Our Quoting Process is Different

“On Friday, I spoke with a gentleman who was moving to Marietta. At the end of our call, he told me that no other company had been as thorough in asking questions about the items needing to be moved,” said Glenn Usery, one of our estimators.

Experience has taught Glenn that because people don’t deal with the logistics of moving every day, having a set of questions helps jog people’s memories about the patio furniture, things in the garage, and major appliances.

With the average home in Marietta being about 2400 square feet it usually makes sense to do a survey of the property.

Bulldog Movers has the ability to perform site surveys in person or virtually using iPhone or Android video calling apps.

Our Quoting Process is Different

It’s More than Just Stuff, A Professional Quote Considers Property Details

For residential moves, everyone who provides customer quotes at Bulldog knows that topography makes a difference in what happens on moving day.

Steep driveways in the Atlanta metro area mean special equipment might need to be factored into the moving day plan.

We also need to understand how close we can get our truck to your property.

Understanding if there are narrow doors and tight turns also factors into providing a damage free move.

We Strive for Accuracy in Quoting So Your Move Goes Smoothly

It’s smart to get more than one moving quote, but make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Too many moving companies say whatever number they think you have in mind. This tactic often wins them the business but things can change when it’s time to pack the truck.

We Strive for Accuracy in Quoting So Your Move Goes Smoothly

At Bulldog Movers, our goal is for your quote to be accurate. We respect you too much to lowball you. Instead, we use a proprietary logistics formula that assesses estimated weight of your belongings, suggests the size of the team needed, and calculates the time to complete the move.

This means your quote is fair, accurate, and as cost efficient as possible.

When the other Marietta moving companies show up understaffed and they’ve under bid your job? They know you’re in a bind so they’ll take advantage of that by charging you more than you expected to pay.

And that’s not right.

We’re confident that in the majority of moves, the price we’ve quoted is the price you’ll pay.

It’s Important to Schedule Your Moving Quote ASAP

Because it takes time to conduct a complete site survey, prepare an inventory of items to be moved, and verify all the details, we want to talk to you early in the moving process.

Give us a call today at (770) 333-8100 to speak to one of our professional estimators.