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In Atlanta, Bulldog Movers is one of the largest, most trusted, and cost-saving Atlanta moving companies around. We have a fleet of nearly 20 bright red moving trucks on the road and employ over 100 full-time, non-smoking movers. We have been in business in Atlanta since 1982, and ever since, we have earned a wonderful reputation and satisfied many happy customers. One particular reason for our outstanding success is that we always provide reliable moving quotes and never tack on additional fees. We offer exemplary service at affordable, competitive prices.

Common costs that people overlook when planning a move include:Atlanta GA Movers

  • Insurance costs – Georgia guarantees its residents $300 of property damage coverage insurance when moving, but in many situations, people choose to purchase additional coverage.
  • Hidden fees – Many Atlanta movers hide fees upfront to make the cost of moving look less expensive, and then add fees when it’s time to pay. As a cost-saving Atlanta moving company, we are transparent with our pricing.
  • Supplies – Often, people fail to factor in the costs of moving boxes, tape, blankets, and other moving supplies. At Bulldog, you’ll never pay for any supplies you don’t use.

Bulldog boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is the proud winner of nine consecutive Consumers’ Choice Awards. With accolades like these, you know that you can trust Bulldog to be the movers in Atlanta who will provide a successful move.

For more moving tips and additional information about our Cost Saving Atlanta Moving Company and all of the services we offer, please call or e-mail Bulldog today.

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