Movers in Atlanta Providing You With Tips on How to Pack Efficiently

Bulldog Movers in Atlanta will gladly help you move from point A to point B, wherever those happen to be. Whether you’re moving from Atlanta to Alpharetta, Marietta to Macon, Johns Creek to Jacksonville, or even Vinings to Vancouver, Bulldog has you covered from start to finish. Before we show up on the day of your move, though, you’ll want to have everything packed up and ready to go. Packing can be difficult, but we’re here to help make things simpler for you by offering some helpful advice.

Movers AtlantaHere are a few packing tips from our Atlanta movers to help you plan a more efficient and smooth move:

  • Pack similar items together.
  • Don’t try to put too many items in any one box.
  • Try to not make any box heavier than you can lift.
  • Place heavier items at the bottoms of boxes and lighter items toward the tops of boxes.
  • Mark boxes with permanent marker, indicating where they will need to be moved.
  • When it comes to tape, too much is better than not enough.
  • Don’t pack perishable food items or anything that can spoil.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have the professionals to do the packing for you, we’ll be glad to do so. Our Atlanta movers can also help you unpack all your belongings when we reach your new destination.

If you’d like to learn more moving tips as you prepare for an upcoming move, or if you’d like to gather additional information about our Atlanta movers, please call or email Bulldog today.

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