The Top 4 Moving Terms You Should Know When Moving to Atlanta

Moving Company Atlanta GAHiring a professional moving company for your upcoming move to or from Atlanta, Georgia, may be your best bet to ease the moving process and ensure that especially large or fragile items arrive at their destination safely. However, it can be difficult to keep up with the conversation if you’re unfamiliar with the industry’s language, and you may even fear being taken advantage of if it’s obvious you’re unversed. Here are the top 4 moving terms you should know when moving to Atlanta

Whether this is your first big move, or just your first time hiring a professional moving company, here are

The Top 4 Moving Terms You Should Know When Moving to Atlanta:

  • Full-Service Move – A full-service move typically includes packing and unpacking services in addition to loading and transporting your belongings to or from Atlanta.
  • Bill of Lading – This is your contract with the moving company. It will include the company’s responsibilities, liability, and total cost. Be sure to understand this agreement prior to signing it.
  • Carrier’s Liability – Also known as “moving insurance,” this is the compensation you’ll receive should your belongings become lost or damaged while in the company’s care.
  • Binding / Non-Binding Estimates – A binding estimate is an agreement made with the moving company prior to your move, guaranteeing the final cost given the agreed-upon items and services. A non-binding estimate is a more general calculation based on the company’s past experience and the information you provide. A binding estimate will not change after the move is complete, while a non-binding estimate may fluctuate.

When hiring a moving company, it’s important to request a moving estimate that will accurately detail all of these expenses. So, turn to Bulldog Movers – a company that has provided honest, up-front moving quotes and outstanding moving services to residents of Atlanta, GA, and nationwide since 1982. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your move.

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