Tips for Self-Movers in Atlanta, GA, Who Have Wine or Liquor Collections

Movers Atlanta GAWhile professional movers may know the ins and outs of packing wine collections, not everyone chooses to hire these companies when moving from their home in Atlanta, Georgia. For those who choose to tackle moving on their own, here are a few tips for packing a home wine or liquor collection.

The first step for movers with wine collections and/or bottles of alcohol is to obtain the right boxes, such as cell boxes, to transport the collection. These divided boxes can be picked up at a local liquor store or purchased from a professional moving company. Movers will also need plenty of packing paper – enough to wrap each bottle with a few sheets to give it extra cushioning and still have some left over to fill any empty space in the boxes.

Once movers have purchased these packing items, it’s time to head home and take inventory. It’s important to start by taking care of any opened bottles. For wine, it’s probably best to pour out any half-empty bottles or share the last glass one evening while packing. Any opened bottles of liquor that will be transported must have the tops tightly fastened. Another thing to consider is getting rid of any unwanted bottles of wine. For movers who will be leaving Atlanta, GA, a great way to do this might be to present a bottle as a farewell gift to friends or neighbors.

While choosing to move your wine collection from your Atlanta, GA, home on your own may seem easy enough, you can avoid the hassle and stress by turning to the professionals at Bulldog Movers. Contact us today and find out how affordable our services are.

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