Household Move Budget

Moving can be an expensive undertaking. There are considerations other than just your moving company costs. How many things you have to do, the amount of stuff you need to move, and how far you have to move are just a few of the things that you should take into consideration. Bulldog Movers, Inc. wants to help you understand some of the things that should be taken into consideration when establishing a budget for your move. Use the information below to assist you in setting up your budget.

Call service providers and get estimates for things that will have to be done. List these expenses below.

Housing Expenses

Home Repairs Required
Cleaning Services /
Rental Costs (New Location)
Application Fees
Utility Deposits
Security Deposits
Pet Deposits
Rent Required
Storage Required


Moving Supplies
Professional Movers
Additional Insurance
Extra Services (Like
appliance prep, etc.)
Incidentals (Have an
extra pot of money for unplanned expenses)
Moving Truck (If doing
it yourself)
Moving Assistance (If doing
it yourself)

Moving Travel

Gas Allowance
Car Service Prior To
Airline Tickets

Final Utility Bills

Electric Bill
Cable Bill
Gas Bill
Phone Bill
Internet Service Provider
Cell Phone Bill
Garbage Bill
Gym Membership

Other Items


It is not unusual for a person needing to move to not have all of the money saved that they need. You should start saving as soon as you can. There are other potential sources for money that can be used for moving. Some ideas are listed below:

  1. Have a sale of all of the items that you do not want to move. Use the money raised towards the cost of your move.
  2. The deposits that you have placed for utilities or current rental units. Go back over leases to determine what you need to do to recover your deposit and the time frame in which you can expect to receive your deposit back. Call your utility companies and see what their policies are. They may apply the deposit to the final bill.
  3. Your employer may be willing to pay you for vacation time not used. Ask your employer what additional funds may be available for your unused days.

Where possible use money saving techniques. This can be everything from using family to assist you in pet sitting or baby sitting while you move (saving you on the expense of sitters) to using volunteers to assist you in cleaning instead of hiring a cleaning service. Talk to your Bulldog Movers, Inc. moving specialist. Ask them if there are options you can use to save money on the cost of the move. Choosing a different move day may be a good way to take advantage of cost savings. Moving on a typically slower day may help you save money and assist Bulldog Movers, Inc. to optimize their work force.

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