Professional Movers in Atlanta, GA, Provide Tips to Help You Pack like a Pro, Too

Movers Atlanta GAProfessional movers know what they’re doing when it comes to packing, unpacking, and moving customers to or from Atlanta, Georgia – after all, that’s why they’re professionals. So, why not take a few tips from them when packing for your upcoming move?

Professional movers know that the right boxes are key to packing up any home or apartment. Used boxes can oftentimes be obtained from grocery stores or other supermarkets in Atlanta, GA, free of charge. You may also purchase boxes and other packing supplies such as tape or packing peanuts from professional moving companies, which may be a good idea if you need boxes of different shapes or specialty boxes for wardrobes, mirrors, and more.

When it comes to packing, movers will tell you it’s important to keep all boxes at a weight you can manage – usually 50 lbs. or less. This way, you’ll be able to carry boxes from your old residence to the moving truck, and from the truck to the proper room in the new home or apartment. Professional movers typically make sure boxes contain items from one specific room and try to pack similar items together, using plenty of tape on the boxes for reinforcement. Each box should be labeled with the contents and its respective room, so you can easily keep track of them.

While you may choose to pack your belongings yourself to save money, many believe that hiring professional movers is worth the price, especially when moving with children or elderly family members that need more attention, moving last minute, or moving fragile items like antiques, pianos, and other specialty pieces.

Companies such as Bulldog Movers can assist in these and other relocation challenges, whether you’re moving to Atlanta, GA, or anywhere else nationwide. If you’re interested in learning more about our affordable moving and packing services, contact Bulldog today.

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