I Hired Professional Movers in Atlanta, GA – Do I Have to Tip Them After the Move?

Movers Atlanta GAHiring professional movers when moving to or from Atlanta, GA, can be an extra expense, but many people find that professional help is worth the additional cost. This can be especially true when dealing with items that are particularly large or fragile, such as furniture, antiques, chandeliers, fine art, or other valuable pieces. However, there are often several questions that arise when a professional moving company is involved, including whether or not your movers should be tipped after your move is completed.

As with most services, you should only feel compelled to tip your movers when you receive exceptional moving service. If you find your team to be unprofessional or careless with your belongings or in your Atlanta home, you may not feel obligated to provide a tip. On the other hand, if your movers were friendly, went beyond their normal duties, or tackled difficult areas, like flights of stairs, narrow hallways, or long hauls, they may deserve a little something extra.

While the amount you tip them may vary, most people tend to agree on tipping between 10 and 20 percent of the amount paid to the moving company. This amount is typically divided up equally between the movers at the end of the job. For all-day moves, many people may offer their team lunch instead of – or in addition to – a tip, as an extra courtesy.

If you are currently looking to hire professionals for your upcoming move to or from Atlanta, Georgia, turn to the friendly and experienced staff at Bulldog Movers. Contact us today to learn more about our team or to request a free, comprehensive moving quote.

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