Movers in Atlanta Providing a List of Things to Do the Day Before You Move

Bulldog Movers has offered Atlanta residents outstanding moving and relocation services since 1982, but there’s more to our company than simply moving. It is our goal to provide a moving service free of stress, and if you’ve moved before, you know that moving and stress seem to go hand in hand. Sure, our exceptional moving services can help to ease the stress, but we also offer advice to our customers on simple things that they can do to help moving day with our Atlanta movers go as smoothly as possible.

Movers AtlantaHere is a brief checklist for things to be done on the day before your move, courtesy of our professional Atlanta movers:

  • Ensure that you have arranged for your electricity, cable, home phone, and Internet service transferred to your new residence
  • Double check your current home to be certain that you won’t be leaving anything behind
  • If it isn’t already full, fill up your car’s gas tank
  • Make a reminder to have your cell phone fully charged for the next morning
  • Keep bottled water and some light snacks in an easily accessible location; you never know when you might get hungry or thirsty on moving day
  • Confirm any previously made arrangements for your children or pets for moving day

To find out more about what to do before your move begins, as well as the many different ways we can help make the relocation process simpler for you, please call or email our Atlanta movers today.

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