Websites to Help Self Movers Assess Potential School Districts in Atlanta, GA

Movers Atlanta GAMost self movers relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, with their children are often concerned about finding good schools that will allow their kids excel, which is perfectly understandable. We know that it’s important for parents to help prepare their children to succeed, and a great education can help build a stable foundation for their journey. With the help from the following websites, movers can access information that’s necessary in choosing the right school.

There are many sites out there that can help parents in their search, but a few have proven to be especially helpful, including Zillow, Truila, and School Digger. While all of these sites feature interactive maps of the Atlanta metro area, they each have unique elements as well. For example, Zillow allows movers to filter by grade level, school rating, and more, while Truila offers parent reviews and can even show the crime rates in different areas on the map. Meanwhile, School Digger allows users to compare schools and view school or district rankings.

Once a desired school or school district is selected, it may be good for movers to check the school ratings on Great Schools. This site gives a little more insight on the different schools as far as programs offered, student diversity, and the overall community rating.

Now, it’s time for movers to select a new home and consider how they plan to move. Although some people may write it off as a frivolous expense, many believe it’s easier to hire professionals like Bulldog Movers to assist with packing, moving, and more. Contact us today and see why countless families have turned to us for help when relocating to or from Atlanta, GA.

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