Atlanta Movers Offering Advice for Moving with Pets

Atlanta Movers Offering Advice for Moving with Pets

Our Atlanta movers will handle just about all parts of your move for you. We can pack everything for you, load it up in one of our nearly 20 bright red moving trucks, take it to your new destination, and even unpack it all for you if you like. However, our Atlanta movers strongly recommend that if you have pets that you bring them with you when you move. We will gladly move any large crate, doghouse, or tank for you, but it is best that pets travel with their owners and not our Atlanta movers.

When taking pets along with you, be sure to bring:

  • Water – We all know how thirsty animals can get, and the last thing you want is for your pets to get dehydrated while moving
  • Pet medication – If your pets take medication at a certain time on a daily basis you’ll want to have this on hand to keep on schedule
  • Food – You may not want your pets to eat while in your vehicle, but bringing food along with you will allow you to stop somewhere along the way and give your  pets a chance to eat
  • A toy or two – Bringing toys along for the ride can help keep them occupied and out of your hair while driving

And, be sure to leave plenty of room empty in your vehicle so your pets don’t feel too cramped. For additional information about our Atlanta movers and other helpful moving tips, please call or e-mail Bulldog today.

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