Business Move Checklist

When planning an business move there are a lot of details that need to be coordinated and a lot more people that will be involved in different parts of the moving process. You will have to coordinate the move out as dilligently as your will coordinate the move in to the new location. There will be a lot of steps that will happen months before the actual packing starts. We have put together this checklist for you to start from and we also have a Microsoft Project Plan available for download by clicking here.

The size of your move will determine how far in advance you will need to start the planning process. Additionally, the size of your company will determine how many of these steps are important and may require you to add things that we do not have here. This is a template, a good place to start, and remember that you can always contact your Bulldog Movers, Inc. moving specialist to assist you through the process. This checklist assumes that a new space has already been defined. If one has not, then you will have additional steps not listed on this checklist.

4-12 Months Before Move

Nothing is urgent…yet.
This is the planning phase of the moving process. The stage where you identify all of the key players. The time where you plan out the major decisions and obtain direction from your management team. This is where you should identify all of the things that need to be done where outside assistance will be required (i.e. moving the phone systems, moving the IT equipment and setting it up at the new location, doing the buildout required at the new space, etc.).

TIP: We have found that getting a blueprint of your current business and using that to compare to the new business space will assist you in deciding the new layout.

TIP: We have found that getting quotes early will assist you in defining your budget

TIP: If you are leasing a new space it is possible to get the owner of that space to pay for the buildout you need. Find out if this has been negotiated in the contract before you call builders.

TIP: Your budget should include a % of the total that will be used if there are any unexpected costs. Failure to do this could result in you having to ask the boss for more money….no one wants to do that!

TIP: When possible, your move day should be a day that your businesss are closed for business normally. Otherwise, plan on publishing your close day in advance so all customers and vendors know your businesss will be closed.

Choose a project manager
Create a list of tasks
Identify things that don’t
work now
Identify project members
Choose your move date
Define your budget
Communicate with employees
Define communication frequency
Obtain quotes from contractors
Identify changes to new space
Obtain any permits required
Contact utility companies
Identify current business layout
Meet with building manager
Define new business layout
Call Bulldog Movers

2-4 Months Before Move

You should have all of the major tasks outlined now. You should also have the pieces of the project assigned to team members who are responsible for managing that aspect of the move. Now is when you want to make sure that IT is working hand in hand with you to identify the equipment needed for the space that you have defined. The layout may change during this process as IT has a role in deciding where things need to be set up. Server rooms, telephony equipment, cabling, etc. all needs to be defined now.

TIP: Communication, Communication, Communication….the more the key players communicate during the move process, the more successful you will be.

TIP: Frequent Budget checks should be done during this time period to make sure that what was originally defined as a cost is still what it is expected to be.

Telecom and IT Checklist

Internet Service
Telephone Service
Server Rooms
Telephony Room
Computer Moves
Other IT Equipment / Services

Logistics Checklist

Advertise your move
Get signage for the
new location
Coordinate with Bulldog
Get cleaning crew lined
Fill out change of address
Notify current clients
about move

Business Furniture Checklist

Identify what gets moved
Order any new furniture needed
Plan a sale for items not needed

Employee Checklist

Communicate current plans
Set date for employee desk packing
Define what won’t be moved (food)
Define any new policies
Set date for key/pass collection
Define parking requirements
Collect any questions / concerns
Set date for final communication

1-2 Months Before Move

You should be at a point in the move where you are getting regular updates on progress. All costs should have been identified at this point. IT should be prepared with detailed plans for making the move seamless to both customers and employees. Business should be impacted as little as possible and brainstorming should be done to define any possible breakdowns that could occur with contingency plans outlined for handling these breakdowns.


Offices should be assigned
Notify all customers of new address
Sell items not being moved
Update website with new address
Notify all vendors of new address
Update all marketing w/ new address
Conduct final employee


Order keys and access cards
Obtain final IT Plans
Order security monitoring
Order any vending machine moves


Get Insurance for new space
Ensure all vendor moves are planned
Finalize utility company move plans
Arrange new coffee service
Order new checks from bank

1 Month Before Move Day

Stay in touch with your new property manager/landlord. The more that they know about your plans, the better off you will be. Discuss any questions you have with them about the new space. Have a liason on your team who is responsible for collecting all of the questions
for the new space and let them be the single point of contact for the property manager. You don’t want everyone on the team calling the new contact person. This is the time when your planning will start turning into action. Build-out on the new space should be done now and all of the materials that you need with your new address/phone number should be ordered. Inventories are now your main focus.

TIP: A good inventory is critical to your success. Bulldog Movers will need copies of these inventories as well. Your inventory will be used to check off on packing day as well as check off on unpacking day.

TIP: Your move day schedule should be defined on paper and distributed to the key players. Bulldog Movers can help you with this as well.


Inventory all equipment
Label all furniture that is moving
Inventory all wall items
Employee desks should be emptied
Empty refrigerators / freezers
Validate spending against budget

Get New Business Ready

Assign new phone numbers/ext.
Get utilities turned on
Build out should be finalized
Parking passes / keys in hand

1 Week Before Move Day

Everything should be done or defined and scheduled for completion before end of week. Make sure that there are no meetings being scheduled for the next week and that sales people are prepared for contingencies in the event there are any problems. Business must continue, and preparing for problems will make you a hero on move day. Packing, labeling,
and finalizing are the key words this week.

TIP: All personal items should be out of the business this week. One of your team members should be responsible for ensuring this is done. Make sure that all employees know that their personal items should be removed. Let them know the business will not be held responsible for any items left behind.

TIP: Make sure you have a roster with phone numbers for all key players on move day. Distribute this list to all of the key players so they have it on move day. Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities clearly and that there are no last minute questions or concerns.


Back up all data
Defrost and clean refrigerator
Pack up personal spaces
Clearly label anything you pack
Color coordinate labels

Arrival Prep

Inspect Build-out
Coordinate use of loading dock
Distribute new keys / access cards
Call Bulldog to discuss plans

Moving Day

All of your hard work is ready to pay off. All of the key players should be on site or at the new location. Today Bulldog Movers, Inc. are your key team and they will need to be in direct communication with you. Make sure you communicate the color coding of your labels with the movers so they understand where each color is to be unloaded at the new location.

Moving Day Necessities

Clean out old business
Have coded signs for movers
Establish a lost items location
Move plants

You have worked hard and so has your team. Enjoy your success and leave the rest to Bulldog Movers. We are experts and we will make sure that your business is handled with care.

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