Professional Movers in Atlanta Offering Tips for Smart Packing

Bulldog Movers has been the company that Atlanta residents and businesses have counted on for professional moving services since 1982. We handle all types of moves, from cross-town office moves to international residential relocation. In addition to handling nearly every aspect of your move for you, our Atlanta movers would like to offer some advice about how to make the entire process simpler and more efficient.

To pack smart, try:Movers Atlanta GA

  • Packing similar items together in the same boxes
  • Not packing any one box too heavy
  • Labeling all your boxes for better organization and simpler unpacking when you reach your destination
  • Leaving large items unpacked, but easily accessible when it comes time to move
  • Telling your professional movers from Bulldog if you have any special requests for moving items or if anything needs to be packed in a particular way

Of course, if you don’t have the time to pack, or simply would rather leave packing to the professionals, then Bulldog is the company for you. Our Atlanta movers will pack everything for you and then unpack it all when you reach your new destination. Along the way, you can rest assured that your items will be protected thanks to air-ride suspension in all of our moving trucks. And, if you ever want to know the exact location of your items during the move, just call our office and we will give you that information.

To find out more about how to pack smartly, how to plan a move, and how our Atlanta movers can help make your move easier, please call or e-mail Bulldog today.

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