How Student Movers from Atlanta, GA, Can Make a New Dorm Feel Like Home

Movers Atlanta GAFor student movers who are leaving their homes in Atlanta, GA, for the first time to move into college dorm rooms, the prospect of moving away from somewhere familiar may seem a bit unnerving. However, any generic dorm room can feel like a little home away from home with the following decorating tips.

The first thing student movers should do when decorating college dorms is to choose a theme that reflects their unique personality and style. Whether this theme is a simple color scheme or a trendy city theme, it will help students begin to narrow down options when shopping for decorations.

Once a theme is chosen, movers should find out what type of beds come standard in the dorm room and choose bedding that is both comfortable and comforting. It may be wise to invest in additional items such as pillows, body pillows, extra sheets or blankets, and a foam mattress pad that will provide a much-needed cushion to the standard, uncomfortable mattress used in many dorms.

Also, student movers should bring pictures of friends and family from their home in Atlanta, GA, to hang somewhere in their room. It will serve as a nice reminder of loved ones back home and pictures can easily be added as friends are made throughout college. Students should be sure to know what adhesives are safe to use on dorm walls before hanging any photos to avoid being charged for damaging walls or paint.

Moving away from family and old friends can be emotionally overwhelming and stressful. Luckily, Bulldog Movers can help relieve some of that burden for students who are moving into a college dorm in Atlanta, elsewhere in the state of Georgia, or any other location across the country. To learn more, contact Bulldog Movers today.

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